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Our Story

Achie's is named after Hugh Acheson’s grandfather, Archibald Acheson, a well-traveled, athletic, banker from the Caribbean. And just like the well-traveled Archibald himself, Achie's brings the richness and beauty of global travel to the community you might call home. Located on the third floor of the Omni Hotel at the Battery, Achie’s menu is soulful, deep, and in the ever-growing tradition of American contemporary cuisine. It is inflected by the incredible bounty of the Georgia region and daily serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with offerings for those times in between - and even room service, should you be a hotel guest. Like Hugh’s other restaurants, Achie’s will have a rounded, yet strongly curated wine list, spot-on cocktails, a rich coffee program, and authentic hospitality. 

Address: Omni Hotel at The Battery Atlanta
2625 Circle 75 Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30339
Phone: 678-567-7327

Our Chef

Hugh Acheson is the chef/owner of 5&10 and The National located in Athens, GA, as well as Empire State South, Spiller Park Coffee, and Achie’s in Atlanta, GA. He is also the founder of Seed Life skills, a living, multimedia curriculum built to serve the needs of the modern family and Consumer Sciences [founded as Home Economics] classroom, emphasizing retainable real life skills with topics including hands-on culinary instruction, conscious consumer economics, and D.I.Y. design principles.

Hugh's Concepts

Five & Ten

Five & Ten (2000) was started from scratch and represents our continual quest to provide a community restaurant within our town. It is a restaurant with little pomp and circumstance serving a diverse crowd of people.

The National

The National (2007) is a small bistro with a Mediterranean influence, particularly the foods of Northern Africa and Spain. It is led by the mutually talented and adored chef, Peter Dale.

Empire State South

Empire State South (2010) is our first Atlanta outpost and has been a great success. The food, spanning breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner, is very modern with a deep loyalty and respect for local ingredients.

Spiller Park

Spiller Park (2015) is a coffee shop done right. The Spiller Park Coffee, with its first location opening in 2015 in Ponce City Market, is an extension of the work put into Empire State South’s coffee program and is a way to grow that wonderful community that we call our friends.